Interior Design Tips — 20 Insider Tricks from Top Designers

If you want to learn from the best, you are in the right place. We asked the world’s leading designers to share their expertise so you can get started with extra design savvy for your next room remodel. Interior design is a comprehensive church that covers everything from the intricacies of the colour wheel to more practical tips for furnishing your home for functionality. These interior design tips will provide an insider track on how to choose furniture, fabrics, working with colour, choosing lighting, and more.

Here, we cover the top pieces of advice our favourite interior designers thought it’s important that you know property flipping tips. Home flipping can be a profitable venture if you know how to do it. To help you navigate your home decor project, we asked interior designers to share some of their favourite decorating tips with us — and they delivered. So, whether you’re giving your home a quick makeover or tackling a full-blown renovation, you’re sure to find the inspiration you need to get started, take the next step, or complete your project.

Designer Tips & Tricks for Your Home Interior Design

1. Add Character with Upholstery and Rugs

Decorating ideas don’t have to be labor-intensive: It’s possible to completely transform a temporary home without decorating the walls. Instead, use patterned rugs and upholstery. Team with quirky artwork and accessories to create a scheme that’s fun and inviting. You can also hire Interior Designer in Hyderabad to transform your home design.

2. Use A Mural as A Headboard

Wall mural ideas add focus to a room and can dramatically transform a plain space. For example, an eye-catching bedroom wallpaper behind the bed creates a focal point, while scatter cushions in a smaller-scale pattern in one of the painted colours pull the look together.

3. Paint on A Pattern

Consider bedroom paint ideas such as upcycling a piece of furniture with decorative paint techniques. Not only is it good for the environment but it gives you a chance to flex your creative muscles.

4. Go Big in Small Spaces

The downstairs bathroom may be the smallest room in the house but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch of pattern. In fact, the powder room is the perfect place in which to go all out and tuck your prints in.

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5. Wallpaper The Whole Room

Be bold with your decorating choices and cover all your walls in the same wallpaper instead of limiting yourself to just one. Go even further and match your window dressings to a slightly smaller print. It is a case of go big or go home.

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6. Merge Horizontal and Vertical Stripes

Create a visual effect with stripes of different scales on a horizontal and a vertical. The stripes across the fireplace make this room appear wider, while the under cupboards give the impression of height. This precise use of pattern is functional yet decorative.

7. Create an Installation

Sometimes decorative details in an unusual alcove can create a wow factor — like the ones on Milanese-inspired bathroom tile ideas. The 1970s modern aesthetic is a nice contrast within this period home.

8. Use Print Within Shelves

Layer fabrics and wallpapers of various scales to create a lived-in home aesthetic. Use a roll of wallpaper or shortcuts as part of bookshelf ideas. Display with favourite books and treasured possessions.

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9. Be Consistent with Styles

Keep your room cohesive by choosing designs with a similar narrative when mixing patterns. If you’re going for a strong graphic pattern like geometrics and checks, make sure your florals have the same clean simplistic feeling.

10. Make Dining Intimate

An upholstered banquette between two walls not only provides ample seating as part of the dining room’s views, but it also creates a sense of intimacy around the table. Here the strong red checkered design shows off the bold stripe on the backs of the modern chairs.

11. Source Upscaled Furniture

Brand new furniture is wonderful, of course, but decorating with antiques will create an ambiance that new pieces can’t. And the beauty of working with vintage furniture is that you can easily create an eclectic mix that’s united, perhaps, only by a finish, a paint colour, or a handle style.

12. Add Layers to Create Comfort

Layering is extremely important in a room to add both comfort and additional colour and pattern.

13. Invest in The Best Fabrics You Can Find

Higher quality fabrics will create a higher quality finish — but more than just offering a luxury look, they are also likely to be more hard-working than less expensive fabrics.

14. Hide Away Utilities

‘In an open plan kitchen and living area, hide as many utilities as possible,’ says Martin Brudnicki. ‘I have a wall of built-in cupboards and behind the doors are the fridge freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer and all the cleaning products. I decorated the fronts with framed botanical prints, which add a sweet focal point to the small kitchen space.

15. Dress Windows to Let in Light

Light-filled rooms are more refreshing to spend time in than dark ones but using window treatment ideas ensures they still look well-crafted.

16. Replace Kitchen Wall Cupboards with A Pantry

‘Getting creative with storage can make a room feel bigger and finished,’ says Philippa Thorpe. ‘Carve out a small walk-in pantry or laundry room: This creates a task-driven area and keeps the kitchen walls free of cupboards. An unexpected advantage is that it is also less expensive.

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17. Be Bold with Colour — Selectively

Mix colours with confidence using the colour wheel and consider adding a confident accent shade. ‘A bold colour choice can really elevate a scheme, especially in a small guest room.

18. Swap Out Accessories to Reflect the Season

‘Small changes can have an immediate effect. Follow the seasons: Ditch the cushions and throws and rugs as winter arrives; In the summer, hang vibrant silks and crisp linens on windowsills, says Tricia Guild of the Designers Guild.

19. Use Paint Effects for A Unique Look

Paint effects can bring personality to a room. To make the project easier, try a stencil, which can be used for the false ceiling or walls here.

20. Buy One Statement Piece

‘A mix of high-street and statement pieces can be particularly effective for getting the most out of your budget — just make sure the investment item is truly one-off,’ says Beta Human.


Ultimately, it’s about your appreciation for beauty. And what do you want to develop in your field that pleases you. By using interior design, you formalize your vision.

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Interior design enthusiast, part-time blogger and a panda lover. I have mission to explore the trending architectural and interior design ideas to the world.

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Ankit Kapoor

Interior design enthusiast, part-time blogger and a panda lover. I have mission to explore the trending architectural and interior design ideas to the world.