Types of False Ceiling Lights: Complete Guide

Ankit Kapoor
4 min readApr 20, 2022

Every false ceiling looks empty until it is decorated by beautiful lights. These are numerous types of false ceiling lights available in the market but which one is perfect for your living room or bedroom?

To solve your confusion, choose right false ceiling lights and make your space more elegant. Here you will know everything in detail.

Let’s start with the light of the bedroom, it is the most personal space for every person.

False ceiling lights for Bedrooms

1. Gimbal Recessed Lighting

If you don’t want any change in your bedroom designs then gimbal recessed lights are perfect for you. This light can hide under your false ceiling very easy and does not bother you like others ugly-looking bulbs.

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2. Semi-Flush Mount Light

Basically, a flush-mount light comes with a dome-shaped light fixture. In semi-flush mount lights look more decorative then non semi and some also come with the different pendant designs.

3. Fabric Lights

Most people don’t know that fabric lights create relaxing environments inside a bedroom. Fabric lights come with cool shapes of pendants like drum shape, cylindrical and cone, etc.

False Ceiling Lights for Living Rooms

1. Pendant Lights

There are two popular lighting fixtures: pendant and chandelier. Usually, pendant lights are suspended by a cord or a metal rod.

There are tons of pendant lighting designs available in the market and each design are suitable for different types of false ceiling. So, choose wisely or take help from any professional.

2. Chandelier Lights

Chandeliers hang with multiple branches that hold multiple lights. Usually, pendants are better for small living spaces whereas chandelier fixture lights more suitable to big and high ceiling living rooms.

3. Cover Lights

Cover lights have the power to give a rich feeling inside a living room. It is warm and glow and best for low false ceiling rooms. If you are searching for dining room lighting then go for this one.

False Ceiling Lights for Hallways

1. Track Lights

Now we talk about hallways lighting, Track light can make a big difference in your galleries or hallways. It also helps you to focus lights on any wall painting in the hallway.

2. Glass Pendant Light

Glass pendant lights make your space more elegant. It looks beautiful even when electric switches are off. By the way it can also work for balcony decoration as light.

3. Flush Mount Lights

It may look very simple but can bright up your whole room. It is a perfect choice if you have a lower ceiling.

False Ceiling Lights for Kitchens

1. Island Lighting

Island Lighting is the most preferable lights with linear pendant for modular kitchens.

One thing you should know is the choice of lights also depends on false ceiling designs of any interior. So don’t stick to a single design of lights.

2. Geometric Cage Pendant

If you have white modular kitchen then this black geometric pendant light will make your kitchen more attractive and before.

This cage pendant is made up of metal which gives it more durability than others.

3. Stanley Pendant

Bass and copper pendants are becoming very popular for luxury kitchens. Stanley pendant may have a classic shape but looks awesome for contemporary designs.

False Ceiling Lights for Bathrooms

Recessed Lights

If you are searching for lights for the bathroom ceiling then go for recessed lights. It can easily be installed inside the ceiling and preferable by most of house owners for bathroom.

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These are some chosen false ceiling lights for every room of a house. Tell us in the comment which you like most?



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